Identify projects
and due diligence

Secure land

Township establishment


Marketing and sales



A suitable property for specific target market is identified.

Thorough due diligence determines the viability
of the project.

The Group acquires the land parcel, secures development funding.

Town planning and architecture is done in-house.

Installation of roads, stormwater, water, sewer and electrical infrastructure.

Marketing of residential units )sectional title and free-standing) on serviced stands.

The majority of construction is done in-house and capacity is supplemented through use of sub-contractors.

The handover of completed units to clients is done in-house.




Tendered out



Quality assurance

Identify the target market, environmental issues and funding requirements with the assistance of specialist studies.

Land ownership enables the Group to control the development process and partner with the private and/or public sector.

Town planning processes dictate development programmes. Our approach ensures project timelines are determined and managed in-house.

Infrastructure is installed by third-party contractors.

This capability is core to Calgro M3’s business and crucial to its success.

The Group has no ambition to increase its construction capacity, preferring to sub-contraction and increase its project management capacity.

Quality is of utmost importance, ensuring client satisfaction and protection against reputational risk associated with bad workmanship.



Leading practices



The Group is not hesitant to incur costs prior to acquisition to ensure the land can be developed.

A Land Availability Agreement will suffice if the Group is able to develop the land in partnership with, or not on behalf of partners.

Specialists such as urban designers add value, ensuring that leading practices and trends are incorporated in our projects.

Lessons learnt are applied.

Acquisition of a civil engineering firm as been considered, but opportunity cost cannot be justified currently.

The Group does not construct units on risk; construction only commences once sufficient client funding is secured.


The Group prefers the acquisition of un-zoned land to allow zoning in line with project requirements.