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Internal skills development and training
Skills development is a very important aspect of the Group’s Human Capital Strategy. The Group is strongly aligned with Government’s drive to improve and empower the South African workforce. The Group is proud of its achievements in terms of training and the learning and career development opportunities it makes available to all staff and communities we operate in. The main drivers included the solidification of our mentorship and work experience related initiatives.

During the year the Group spent approximately R1.8 million (2020: R4.8 million) on skills, enterprise and supplier developmentThis skills development and training spend was across various management levels. 100% of this amount was spent on black employees. This amount includes time spent by senior managers mentoring junior and middle managers, as well as expenses paid towards tuition for employees on the various training programmes.

We are often challenged by skills shortages, lack of formal training and the limited industry experience of the workforce actively recruited in the areas in which our projects are based. Considerable time and effort are spent on skills development for existing staff, interns and students, and the development of the labour force. Skills development typically comprises some or all the following, but not limited to:

  • formal skills plans;
  • transitional skills transfer and general upskilling;
  • short-term “shadow skills training” and/or on-the-job coaching;
  • medium and long-term technical, supervisory, and formal management training; and
  • skills transfer by experienced long-term employees.

Continual learning, both formal and informal, is inherent in the Group’s culture of sustainable growth and development.

We encourage all our employees to engage where possible in formal training and informal on-site training. Concrete efforts are being made in relation to development of skills plans, training, mentorship and learnership programmes.

All levels of the operations are designed to attract and retain key skills and talent in a climate of skills shortage, and to ensure the Group’s sustained success in the future. Training, learning and career development plans are available for each employee to tweak as their own career path develops.

Team members are continuously challenged in their role. Continual learning, both formal and informal, is inherent in the Group’s culture of sustainable growth and development. It is important for each employee to achieve their personal potential.

To ensure continuous productivity of our Group it remains essential that clear goals are set for each employee on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to measure performance against. A joyful working environment is created within Calgro M3 through fun activities, team building exercises and creating a safe working environment. Continual learning remains important to motivate employees and to ensure that work is completed timeously.