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The City of Mangaung issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on various parcels of land. Calgro M3 submitted a turnkey development proposal and was appointed to develop the land parcel known as Vista Park Ext 3. All necessary Land Availability and Development Agreements were concluded and signed in 2014.

The project consists of 5 320 residential opportunities.

The scope of works consists of a complete township establishment process, upgrading of bulk and link infrastructure, construction of roads, storm water, sewer, water and electrical infrastructure as well as the marketing and sales of a wide range of residential units including the construction of all of the mentioned top-structures. Vista Park Ext 3 is situated south of Bloemfontein. It is set to be one of the largest integrated housing developments in the Freestate and is included in the Premiers Mega projects.

The 126 Ha land area of Vista Park Ext 3 comprises various types of residential units and forms of tenure that have specific economic target markets – Fully subsidized BNG housing, GAP (Social, FLISP & open market rental), student accommodation as well as open market bonded housing.

Various green initiatives of energy saving technologies such as solar water heaters, heat pumps, improved insulation, gas, and recycling projects will be implemented and various initiatives such as food gardening and urban greening are currently being investigated. Besides the green component, the added benefit of these measures will also reduce electricity demand by the development and make the township socially and visually more attractive.

The development will include the following urban amenities:

Project Status

Township establishment processes and approvals in progress. EIA RoD received and construction of infrastructure to commence late 2018.


  • Total number of units – 5 320 units
  • BNG housing: 1 596 multi-storey units
  • CRU/Social housing: 1 500 multi-storey units
  • FLISP/GAP and rental housing: 1 045 multi-storey units
  • Freestanding open market bonded units: 1 179 units

Bulk and Link Infrastructure

All of the bulk and link Infrastructure upgrades Is the responsibility of Manguang Local Municipality and are under construction and well progressed.

Urban amenities

  • Business and retail opportunities (mixed use): 6
  • Crèches: 4
  • Religious sites: 4
  • Schools (Primary and Secondary): 3
  • Parks (active and non-active): 10
  • Hospital: 1