18 February 2022, CFO Magazine – Sayuri will step into the role of Calgro M3’s new FD in March this year, replacing Waldi Joubert.

Calgro M3 has appointed Sayuri Naicker, currently the group financial manager, as its new financial director with effect from March 2022. Her appointment follows the announcement in July 2021 that Waldi Joubert would be relinquishing the role of FD to assume the role of managing director of the company’s Memorial Parks business.

Sayuri explains that, unlike her previous position, this role is more strategic and looks at what could be. “Taking on this new role is exciting as it not only offers me an opportunity to participate in contributing to the strategic direction of the group, but also provides me with a great position to be part of ensuring that we achieve our goals.”

She believes that everyone brings a different perspective to all situations and, in her new role, she looks forward to bringing her own point of view, life experiences and thought processes to the table when decisions are being made.

“I am passionate about people and encouraging growth on various fronts,” Sayuri says. “I have inherited a strong finance department, each with their own strengths.”

She adds that, considering the challenging years that the property investment group has experienced, she would like to further grow the team into a dynamic finance department which supports the group in driving efficiencies and aligns to the new strategic direction of Calgro M3.

The company has faced some challenging years, especially with the impact of Covid-19 on the property sector. However, Sayuri says that by returning back to the company’s core principles, being property development, Calgro M3 has been able to weather the storm. “For now we plan to stay on that track and trade through our current projects, focusing on what’s core to us.”

She explains that, while she knows the role is going to be challenging, she looks forward to helping the business grow and to build and uplift a team that will be a force to be reckoned with.

“I always believe that the journey for knowledge is never complete,” Sayuri says. “In a group as dynamic as Calgro M3, which offers an abundance of opportunities to grow and develop with a wealth of knowledge in all disciplines around me, I look forward to learning and growing the company to heights.”

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