• You get a brand-new home with a full NHBRC guarantee
  • Zero transfer fees or hidden costs
  • Zero deposit to secure your unit
  • Each Calgro M3 home has a 90 Day Defect warranty
  • Calgro M3 Developments are FLISP-subsidy approved – this will save you money!
  • With 21 years on experience, Calgro M3 is a trusted developer known for consistently delivering affordable high-quality and luxurious homes to first-time homebuyers.
  • You are not paying off someone else’s bond
  • An increase in property prices means improved personal equity
  • Provides additional income for your retirement
  • On average, bond repayments are the same as rental payments
  • You are free to improve your property at any time
  • A more stable family life
  • Discuss the various housing options with your agent and choose a unit
  • Determine if you can afford the bond (financial affordability)
  • Sign the sales agreement
  • Calgro M3 Developments will do the bond application on your behalf
  • Sign legal documents at an attorneys’ office
  • View your chosen unit prior to registration
  • Unit registration
  • Receive your key to your home
  • Assume you purchase a property for R400 000 and obtain the loan for the full amount – this is called a 100% bond.
  • Your monthly premium over 20 years with a 10,5% interest rate will be about R3 880.
  • Now…if you pay off an extra R500 per month from month 1, your bond will be fully paid off after only 15 years and 7 months, saving you a total of R283,400 on bond repayments.
  • Imagine what you could do with that?
  • So yes, pay off your bond sooner for financial benefits.
  • Any person can apply for a mortgage loan from a variety of banks.
  • The bank will only lend you money if you are able to prove that you have sufficient income to repay the loan.
  • Payment must be made promptly every month.
  • When you apply for a mortgage loan, the bank will require a stable work record and consistent repayment records for all financial obligations.
  • The loan is “secured” against your home until it’s paid off.
  • If you can’t keep up with your repayments the bank can repossess your home and sell it to get their money back.
  • It is therefore important to buy a property you can comfortably afford and to keep up with your monthly repayments.
  • Rates and taxes
  • Consumption charges
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Sewerage
  • Levies used for:
    • External maintenance
    • Security
    • Garden services (applies to houses only)
    • Homeowners insurance
    • Household contents insurance (optional)

You will need complete these four processes before your key is handed over:

Inspection process
Before registration you will inspect your property to ensure there are NO apparent defects. If you are satisfied with the condition of your property, you will be asked to sign a letter of completion (LOC).

Bank inspection
We submit the LOC along with the structural completion certificate, electricity certificate and occupancy certificate to the bank. The bank will then do an inspection of the house.

Bank payment
If the bank is satisfied it will make final payment to the developer.

Handover and occupation
Your keys will then be handed to you and you are free to occupy the property. Once your house has been handed over to you, the following processes apply:

    1. 90 Day Defects
      There may be deficiencies that appear in your property after you have taken occupation. These are called 90 Day Defects. The developer will fix 90 Day Defects during the first 90 days after occupation. Notify our Client Liaison Officers of any defects or call the centre on 0800 24HOUR (0800 24 4687) and an appointment will be made to access your property and attend to the problem.
    2. Letter of Good Standing
      Our office will do a final inspection of your property accompanied by you after the 90 Day Defects period has expired. If there are no more defects you will be expected to sign a Letter of Good Standing. This means the developer has fulfilled obligations to you, the client.

Each property constructed by us is registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builder’s Regulatory Council). NHBRC is the regulatory body of the home building industry. NHBRC assists and protects consumers exposed to contractors who deliver substandard design, workmanship and poor-quality material.

NHBRC registered homes offer:

  • A major structural warranty cover for up to five years from date of occupation;
  • Mediation between consumer and builder; and
  • Recourse through complaints, arbitration and remedial processes.
  • Handover and occupation

Each Calgro M3 property carries a roof structure guarantee against leaks, gutter leaks and improper discharge of water for 12 months from occupation.

Latent defects
Each Calgro M3 property enjoys a latent defects period of 90 days after occupation in which time any latent defect will be fixed at the developer’s cost.

Sundry guarantees
Any guarantee of any appliance fitted standard as per specification, will be transferred to the new owner, e.g. geysers and stoves, etc.

Properties demand ongoing maintenance to make them look as nice as the day they were bought. Remember to paint your house regularly, fix loose items and keep your garden nice and neat. This way it will remain beautiful and be a place where you really feel at home.

The FHF programme is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home. The subsidy is paid to your bank or financial institution and will reduce your monthly loan instalments, making it more affordable to buy a home.

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