Calgro M3 delivers another robust set of results

Highlights: Headline earnings per share increased to 78.88 cents per share (cps) (2022: 57.00 cps) Earnings per share increased to 78.88 cps (2022: 57.04 cps) Share buyback of 22.6 million shares at an average price of R2.63 per share. Revenue increased by 13.5% to R688.9 million (2022: R607.1 million) Gross profit margin remained within 20% to 25% target range, at 22.2% (2022: 22.1%) Cash increased by 11.2% to R191.9 million (February 2023: R172.6 million) Net debt to equity stable at

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Calgro M3 produces solid results, achieving strongest profit after tax performance ever

Highlights: Revenue increased by 15,4% to R1,5 billion (2022: R1,3 billion) Headline earnings per share (“HEPS”) increased 45,01% to 153.18 cents per share (2022: 105.63 cents per share) which is the highest ever achieved Gross profit margin improved to 23.5% (2022: 21.3%), remaining within the target range of 20% to 25% Net debt to equity decreased to 0.62 from 0.71 which is the best achievement in the past 10 years Share buy-back of 9.27% at an average price of R2.34

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Calgro M3 produces solid results in first six months, reflecting entrenched sustainable growth strategy

Highlights: Headline earnings per share (“HEPS”) increased to 57.00 cents per share (2021: 42.79 cents per share) Earnings per share (“EPS”) increased to 57.04 cents per share (2021: 39.56 cents per share) Revenue increased by 5% to R607 million (2021: R576 million) Gross profit margin remained within the 20% to 25% target range, increasing to 22% (2021: 19.7%) Net finance cost decreased by 76% Interest-bearing borrowings decreased by 3% Johannesburg, 17 October 2022 – JSE-listed Calgro M3, the property and

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Calgro M3 releases vastly improved results, pays down debt, demonstrates ability to overcome challenges

Highlights: Revenue increased by 50.3% to R1.322 billion Headline earnings of 105.63 cents per share (2021: Headline loss of 15.17 cents per share) Group net asset value (“NAV”) increased by 16.4% to R7.93 per share Net debt to equity decreased to 0.71 from 0.99 at February 2021 Gross profit margin returned to its target range of 21.3% Return on equity increased to 14.7% Net cash generated from operations of R129.9 million Liquidity – a total of R591 million available Retained

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Sayuri Naicker looks forward to growing Calgro M3 to new heights as FD

18 February 2022, CFO Magazine – Sayuri will step into the role of Calgro M3’s new FD in March this year, replacing Waldi Joubert. Calgro M3 has appointed Sayuri Naicker, currently the group financial manager, as its new financial director with effect from March 2022. Her appointment follows the announcement in July 2021 that Waldi Joubert would be relinquishing the role of FD to assume the role of managing director of the company’s Memorial Parks business. Sayuri explains that, unlike

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Calgro M3 results reflect continued success as Group reinforces sustainable growth strategy

Highlights: Revenue increased by 45.6% to R576.2 million (August 2020: R395.8 million) Gross profit margin increased to 19.7% (August 2020: 7.9%) Headline earnings per share increased by 262.8% to 42.79 cents per share (August 2020: 26.29 cents loss per share) Net asset value (“NAV”) increased to R7.23 per share Cash generated from operating activities amounted to R133.2 million (August 2020: R115,7 million) 771 opportunities handed over with 5 091 opportunities currently under development Johannesburg, 18 October 2021 – JSE-listed Calgro

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Calgro M3 results strengthen as Group implements #sustainableactions strategy

Highlights: Positive cash generated from operations of R114.8 million to support the #sustainableactions strategy Profit after tax of R18.5 million Earnings per share (“EPS”) increased to 14.88 cents per share Liquidity of R155 million available Group net asset value (“NAV”) increased by 7.2% to R6.82 per share Memorial Parks revenue increased by 65.2% 4 654 units under construction compared to 2 393 a year ago Strategic successes of the financial year: Disposed of the Ruimsig rental portfolio and of the non-core project,

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Business Report – Fraction of qualifying buyers apply for subsidy

THE GOVERNMENT’S Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (Flisp) works well to provide homes for firsttime low-income buyers and meet the government’s social housing objectives, but the process to access the subsidy needs to be made easier. First National Bank (FNB), which has grown its affordable housing lending book by 24 percent year-on-year, estimated that 57 percent of its retail customers qualified for Flisp, with the potential to benefit first-time buyers to the value of R100 million. However, only a small

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Calgro M3: “First half of FY2021 akin to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Highlights Cash on hand of R246.0 million plus undrawn overdrafts Facility for R215.0 million from the National Housing Finance Corporation (“NHFC”) secured and drawn on in September 2020 Cash generated from operations of R115.7 million Memorial Parks revenue increased by 75% for the period Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor Status No dividend has been declared for the period ended 31 August 2020 (August 2019: Nil) Johannesburg, 19 October 2020 – JSE-listed Calgro M3, a property and property-related investment company that is

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Calgro M3 to build vital student accommodation in the Western Cape

Johannesburg, 14 September 2020 – JSE-listed integrated residential property and Memorial Parks developer Calgro M3 recently broke ground on student accommodation for the University of the Western Cape at the group’s Belhar CBD development. With a critical shortage of student housing across South Africa, this will help ease the pressure in Cape Town for affordable accommodation of this nature. The accommodation is to be built on three parcels of land located adjacent to one another within the Belhar development, which

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